Dato Mio "A secret life"

"The boy who got lost”

"The door of the Tainos”

"My electric chair”

"The debts have not been paid”

The group of images I am submitting for consideration is from my project "Una Vida Secreta" (A Secret Life). I started this series in 2011, and the work includes B&W and Color 35mm photography. This project is an exploration of my everyday environments both internal and external. Many of the images are made with multiple exposures and some include words found in my surroundings. Each image represents a moment of discovery and an intimate encounter with the hidden things. The layering of images is a way for me to signal a story within a story as an investigation of my personal and poetic histories. The shifts between B&W and Color in this project are symbolic of the relationship between public and private, between history and the unknown.