Neil Howe "The Bentley blockade"

"Dont frack"


"The blockade"

"The last protestor"

A coal seam gas mining company supported by the government planned to create a large gas field in a productive sub tropical farming region very close to a regional city in Australia. More than 40,000 people participated in a 4 month blockade of the mining site and eventually prevented the mine proceeding. You might say I am a post-postmodernist, my art is eclectic, I borrow from my photographic archives, contemporary electronic media and from art history to create new digital painted images that I call ‘BODYSCAPES’, that is, landscapes of the human body and it's social condition. These BODYSCAPES are created in the computer through a process where my photographic images are transformed into a simulated landscape that is richly varied in form and texture, in essence a virtual 3D matrix populated with simulated organic forms which in part are influenced by Bill Brandt’s enigmatic figures in the landscape and Man Ray’s experiments with light and form. So BODYSCAPES are about landscapes in and of the body, this concerns both form and meaning encompassing social politics as well as politics of the body. In other words I present both the microcosm of the human body in society as well as the macrocosm of humanity, its strengths, weaknesses, beauty and ugliness.