Joana Patrão “Impermanência”


Photography as the possibility of capture the unique and unrepeatable instant, the recognition of landscape as a projective identification field are the basis of this series.

On the incommensurability they suggest, the images of water "without limits"1 refer to extreme conditions more than concrete locals. Looking for an intensity in images, based on ontological power of the elements – like the flux and reflux of the sea – it is invoked a temporality that manifests itself in different ways.

The microcosm/macrocosmos game that is intended to operate here is representative of that temporality and space changes. Presenting images of details that refer us to wider spaces, it’s wanted to construct a feeling of strangeness that may open beyond the recognizable visible and, simultaneously, make us realize that "each part of a space contains the knowledge of all other"2.

1 CAMJAP (1995). M.B.: O Seu Trabalho in Michael Biberstein: A Difícil Travessia dos Alpes, Centro de Arte Moderna, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa, p. 9
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