Mark Stuart Zimmerman “Caution? / Play!”

"Soldier with Cream Soda and Strawberry"

"Soldier with Sour Apple"

"Afraid to swim"

"Popping self"

We live in a world that has become fearful. I understand caution, but I want to know more about it. How caution controls us on a daily basis can become the element that defines us. We are sentimental objects and should remember that, but not to the point of fear. It is important to understand how we pack objects of sentimental value; that we, as individuals can possess the same characteristics as a sentimental object. We live our lives based on our fears and desires. We take one route over another because we may be concerned about what we may see or run in to. Some refuse to fly or swim because of fear. These fears are sometimes justified and other times not. What leads people to alter their lives due to experience, or lack there of, can cause us to live a less than complete life. Pain is symbolic. Physical, mental, etc. simply, just pain. The delicate object should be packed safely. I do not want to make light of fear, but I do hope, through humor and temporary solutions we can begin to cope and face fear head on.