Aleksandra Milinkovic “Playing with my inner fears”

"Self destruction"

"Honey lips"

"The process of dying"

"A bad hair day"

''Playing with my inner fears'' represents an everyday struggle inside my head and thoughts. The first photo is called ''Self-destruction'' because we all have the tendency to hurt ourselves and this was the best way to explain that. The second photo called ''The process of dying'' is my way of showing how tough life can be, using black color on my skin and showing how beauty dies. I sometimes woke up with a bad hair and that's how I got the idea for the third photo "A bad hair day" because my hair looks so bad in the morning that I have a desire to eat it, and also this photo represent our disaffection of how we look. The fourth photo "Honey lips" represents my inner desire to be perfect as honey. I have used my lips to show that desire and I used honey to emphasize the sweetness of desire. Why these four photos? I think all of us struggle with those four fears: destruction, death, strong desire, and bad look but as my tittle indicates, we all love to play with fears.