Patrick McColgan “A mundane world””


The series is entitled "A Mundane World", and is a self portraiture project geared at expression of the realities of life. I use strobe lights and only small post processing enhancements to create an effect of mood, infusing colors and directing the lights as necessary. This project started as a reaction to the death of my father, and my desire to search for memories of things in my life as they happen. Image 1 is entitled 5:54am, Columbus, Ohio 2014; Image 2 is called Milan Hotel, Milan, Italy 2014; Image 3 is called After the trip, Columbus, Ohio 2014; and Image 4 is Sunbathing, Paris, France 2014. I would like to print all images at 23 x 15 on Moab Metallic Pearl paper, but can adjust to any needs of the show.