Brian DeLevie “Eternal return”

"The mind’s rapture "

"Familial pursuits"

"Birth of praxis"

"As I remember"

My latest newest series of printed work, Eternal Return, reveals a vivid tension created by the exploration of textured information spaces that resist the absence of imagery from personal and historical recollection. Eternal Return ’s digital landscapes elicit the production of “memoryscapes” as well as the possible movement and forms created as elements of memory deconstruct, reconstruct and collide. Within multidimensional planes, I brings together a variety of imagery to illustrate an atmosphere of interrupted introspection. Socio-historical and personal photographs are artfully manipulated within the framework of each piece to withstand a definitive narrative shape; rather, the imagery is balanced within its setting to create a beautifully “anti-cohesive” representation of fragmented moments cycling within the recurrent and reconstructive process of remembrance.