Florian Tenk “Never. Naked”


In contrast to painting, people always had more trust in photography, because painting is and was always in doubt of the freedom of artistic expressions, technical inaccuracies or willful manipulations. Another proof of that fact is today’s discussion in the field of art photography, that people often missing to separate a photograph from the pictured person and don’t see it as an own creation. (illustrated by the fact that one says ‘this is me’ when showing someone a photographic image of oneself, opposed to ‘this is a picture of me.’)

However photography has now resumed power in secrecy to create, change or even destroy perception and memorization.

After that thoughts about the power of photography as medium of memories, it seemed to be the only possible consequence to illustrate those power with an example that is considered in general as a negative one. Therefore an image has been created or actually has more been deconstructed: The direct revision on the film negatives was like an open-heart surgery on photography itself.