Lucas Gabellini-Fava “Chastity”


The concept of chastity revolves around the idea of making a personal connection with the identity of the person in the photographs. Whilst making chastity, it was important for me to keep the identity of the subjects to myself. In some way or another, I was 'chastising' their identity, or image and making it mine. This is where the title of the series comes from. By taking this identity away, I am stripping any sort of connection the viewer would usually be able to have with the subject, and withholding it. In a way, it's quite a selfish series, but I find the fact that I am the only person that knows what these people look like, quite interesting. I feel a very strong connection with each piece, and it has definitely become more than just a piece of art to me. By the same token, I am giving total freedom to the viewer to imagine what the subject looks like, and thus allowing them to create their own perception of the image. This allows for a connection of sorts to be formed between the piece and the viewer, which in effect could be a lot more powerful than with most pieces of art, because it stems from their imagination.