Ana Caroline de Lima "Children of the lake"


Surrounded by Laos, China and India, burmese Shan state is home to Intha people, renowned for their unique rowing style, where fishermen use one of their legs to propel their vessels. But Intha culture can't be restricted to it. Intha means "children of the lake" and its origins are controversial, Archeologists and anthropologists are divided because of its language – very diferent than the one spoken by most burmese people. There are two main theories: first says Intha are descendants from slaves arrested during ancient wars between Mons and Tavoyans. The other theory believes that their ascendants are burmese who migrated from South Myanmar to North during Narapatisithu kingdom (1174-1210). As "children of the lake", Intha lifestyle is strictly connected to Inle Lake. Located at 8880 meters above sea level, Inle is one of Myanmar's most unique ecosystems, with its floating gardens and many fish species. And, as it was supposed to be, fish it's Intha people's main income for the last decades.