Angelina Voskopoulou "Skin"

The subject of this project is whether two people can, literally become one again (The question arose from Plato’s Symposium, which refers to the creation of mankind. Each of us is half of another person as if he were half of a whole cut in two and in this way each person seeks the part which he is missing. The reason for this is that people were not always cut into two parts. The desire and the pursuit of this reunion is called love…The other half…What is this person like? The same as me? Does he complete me? Does my other half have everything I don’t? Were we separated violently or did he run away?
Neruda’s poem was chosen because it refers to love through the senses and how it is through our senses that we understand our desire for this reunion. The papers have various colors because they represent desire, sadness, fear, manners, habits…. Each of these is not the same for each one of us. The tearing and reunion of the papers show that what existed before will never be the same, it will have lost its original value.
The union of the legs and hands was achieved using stockings which were sewn in the middle, making them lose their utility. Here the stockings are not used in a decorative manner to make one’s legs look nice, but rather as an external cover making two similar things appear as one. Their movement reveals the harmony and equilibrium of the previous situation. The signs of violent separation upset the equilibrium and impose a need for the search.