Gerhard Liska "Still lives"

"Still life with daffodil and Eristoff bottle"

"Still life with dry flowers dry pepperoni and used paper"

"Still life with rose snail and jar"

"Still life with skull and flowers"

"Still life with tulips"

The photos are part of the series, still lifes". Carefully selected, objects are placed in front of a background, which in itself already represents a kind of still life. The result is a background with a dynamic and enigmatic touch that forms a sharp and consciously arranged accent to the statics of the interrelated objects of the still life.
The objects on the one hand are objects of everyday life, on the other hand things that carry a specific symbolism and charge. The field of tension that develops from the way of how the objects are positioned to each other mirrors and reflects fundamental life issues such as death, aging or perishability. This results in images with a strong poetic expression which challenge and push the boundaries of a well-known category of artistic work.