Imara Angulo Vidal “The dark sideo of the sun”


The consequences of the lack of sunlight on earth are being researched and visualized by Imara Angulo Vidal. The occasion for this project was an article she had read which stated that, according to NASA, the earth would be without sunlight for six days in December 2014. This would be due to a solar storm that would blow particles of dust into the atmosphere and would block the sunlight. Later it turned out to be a hoax. Due to various conversations with different scientists, she found out that one could not exclude the possibility that a disastrous cause indeed would be able to block the sunlight in the future. This because of particles of dust or sulfur being blown into the atmosphere. Disasters that nowadays happen may already be a harbinger. Think of a meteorite impact or a gigantic volcanic eruption. The earth will adapt, but how would humanity and a large part of nature survive without sunlight? As a result of these facts and predictions Imara visualizes a realistic-looking world in which she shows what happens when there is no sunlight on earth for a long time. She also uses her own fantasy and imagination. Not only does decay play a major role, but also fear and the urge to survive. She shows with her project how dependent we are and also how fragile and insignificant mankind really is.