Isabelle Lutz "Our heavenly sperm whale"








"Isabelle Lutz seeks to play with the codes of pop culture, which has replaced absolutist dreams with a deep relativism whose dominant form is still economic pragmatism. She immerses us into the heart of a postmodern world stripped of exteriority. She exposes the ambivalence of contemporary society, where the dividing line between alienation and emancipation has become blurry. [...] Isabelle Lutz's pictures do not totally eschew seduction but nevertheless remain unsettling in the way they make a sharp value judgement without denouncing it in the name of an absolute truth. Her works' paradoxical irony is that between visual balance and emotional tension, they strongly underscore that the period is acid, that charm and violence mingle as never before. She does not claim to be objective in the least. On the contrary, far from taking a heroic stance, she asserts a subjectivity [and the cultural conditioning that goes with it] at odds with the complexity of Europe's recent social and political development without, however, abandoning a critical perspective."