Katayoon Forouhesh “Untouched”

'Untouched' is a series of scan photography which explore the traces of unpredictable and un-welcomed contacts that I experienced as a woman in public places, in everyday’s life in Iran. This project has been performed with a rolling scanner, in order to recreate the similar sense of touch. Applying and moving the scanner on one surface for documentation reminds me of this intimate, undesired and sometimes shocking contacts with unknown and random people. Setting the pieces of my skin scans against the car seat background texture, hovers between aggression and anxiety on one hand and a sense of repression and complicity on the other hand. The car seat textures for the background is the representation of taxi and public transport as a main location for these encounters and also the pattern implies the sense of strain. The pieces of skin and slash effects that happened during the scanning process intensifies the effects of violence and intervention which this project aims to exhibit.