Katelend Rosaen "Untitled"

"Killer shoes"

"Prince harming"

"Beastly abused minus yellow chest"

"Slaughter house"

"Fine dining"

At first glance you will see something that might shock you. However, each piece is created to tell its own story. No one person will see these images the same due to the original emotions that we felt towards these dolls and stories. These images are supposed to change what you once believed of these characters and dolls. These dolls and characters are examples of what women are meant to be however, women should not be those things. Women should not be reliant on a man for their future or to change their lives. On top of that these characters and dolls give women unrealistic expectations of what women should look like. These images are supposed to show you it is unrealistic all around to hope to be like Barbie or a Disney princess, and if you are one there isn't a happy ending always