Mahroo Movahedi "My heterotopia"

This work began by questioning the idea, concept and perception of space; this investigation was carried forward using the mirror as a tool for this construct of space through its sensations. The idea was to hold the mirror over face to discover our absence from the place where we are, we see ourselves over there to blend our surroundings. The question of this concept is how the mirror is a medium for representing my places, framed by its placement over face in a public place. The artist would like to frame mirrors, just like photographs, but even when the mirror's frame is broken or missing, it continues to reflect its gaze back to the viewer. Put differently, mirrors—like photographs—are a medium by which we take account of our selfpresentation to the world. As the subsequence of these questions she was impressed by paper of Michel Foucault about heterotopia and utopia.
Michel Foucault says "In the mirror, I see myself there where I am not, in an unreal, virtual space that opens up behind the surface; I am over there, there where I am not, a sort of shadow that gives my own visibility to myself, that enables me to see myself there where I am absent: such is the utopia of the mirror. But it is also a heterotopia in so far as the mirror does exist in reality, where it exerts a sort of counteraction on the position that I occupy."