Marta Węglińska “The smuggler”

The series "The Smuggler" is a compilation of photos from experimental film as well titled "The Smuggler". The film is the conclusion of a long-term project "Blissful Dreams Dyed," which consists of 9 trips with 9 people, to one place - on the border area of a certain city. All routes, the events, conversations and stories that took place during trips, became the base for the screenplay of "The Smuggler". The actual work on the film had a flexible, open structure. Some parties assumes the form of interviews, or monologues, while others oscillate between consciously created role and a performance. Therefore also work on "The Smuggler" was focused on the principle: action-reaction. The film refers to tracking the convergence of networks created within the framework of un unexplained conspiracy. The action of "The Smuggler" develops around words spoken by one of the nine travelers: "Blood is almost chlorophyll". Thus, it is considered in thread dyeing, uncertainty and ambiguity events.