Matt Lee "Presence of absence"

My work is concerned with unfilled and unfulfillled spaces. I attempt to bring together the oddly discomforting, the fanciful, the virtual and the cartoon-like, the abstract and the frame, the playful and the orderly. The non-linear and semi-autobiographical series of works that I create examine dualities of presence/ absence and sense/nonsense as well as processes for constructing, framing, manipulating and reading visual messages. I am interested in lacuna and the dichotomies of logic, structure, and common sense. I use digital drawing, photography and video to explore themes of British and Indian confluences. Photography offers me a context, frame and structure, but it also provides me with base material for drawing and digital modification. Through this process I draw connections with Jacques Derrida's essay 'Structure, Sign and Play'. In which, he states that there can be neither ultimate presence nor fixed and final meaning in a semiotic process that is in continual transition. In such a process there is only a "play of presence and absence", between all that has been, and all that is yet to come.