Nara Walker "Voyeur"

"In view for you"

"Light through the window"

"Lure and allure"


"Pink to wet, wet to pink"

"Purple curtains"


Creating a personal space between the work and the viewer Voyeur aims to reconnect the viewer with the body in a contemporary space. The use of clear perspex creates a mood. Through our constant fascination of searching the internet and watching one another. This mood is one that can resonate to connotations of the screen.
The perspex has a shine to it which creates a reflection of the viewer as the voyeur, with glimpses of themselves watching. Awareness is then harnessed through the materiality of the perspex, as it reflects the viewer in the act of being the voyeur.
The work aims to create a layered sensual play between the materials. Each one creating awareness of the body and of a personal moment shared. Sensual oil paint on the front creates a connection with the image, one similar to flesh. Through the application of paint the work alludes to the physicality of the two dimensional image.
The photographs are images of myself captured on my computer or phone. Like many images taken of the self today, these shots are opening the viewer up to a personal space. Through the selection of these images and blurred effects. I have become aware of my own practice as an artist I conceal and reveal. This process creates my own self-censorship. The blurring of the image also allows a moment of imagination to be engaged by the viewer. Through abstracting the body the viewer has to recreate their own image of the figure in front of them. The paint is abstract and lush suggesting sensual body parts and or ejaculation/secretions.
The space I aim to create with this work is one which is personal to each viewer. The physicality of the nude connects with the voyeur making them aware of their own system of watching within a contemporary space. Making the veiwer aware of their own reflection becomes the final medium.