Rachel Minn Lee "I am your shadow, the morning of yesterday"

"There is nothing infinite"


"The sky is empty"

"West of the Sun"


"I am your shadow, the morning of yesterday"

'I am your shadow, the morning of yesterday', as found in my upcoming film photograph book 'The sky is empty, the stars are red', I explore, with a poetic rhythm, the concept of how I am able to find something meaningful that exists in a vacuum. This series is a point of departure from my usually cheerful and brightly coloured earlier work. All photographed on 35 mm monochrome film, I wanted to capture the unnoticed emblems found in daily landmarks and a 'natural' place in between the urbanscapes. I searched for organic structures in between the metal elements, tracing the outlines of typical scenes to capture it like a daydream, sensing the unrealised wishes left floating in the air. I further imagined that I was originally from a distant place, no longer weary of the same places, but, invigorated from the morning light, staring at the empty sky, my new home, as I found strength to live between the long days.