Sabatin Bascoban "Sunset dogs"



The photo series Sunset Dogs is a portrait of the city of Los Angeles with a recurring dog theme. The sources for the digital collages are photos taken in L.A. and images found in print media freely available in the city. I scanned the found images and combined them with my self-made photos using a graphics editing programme. The aim was to create computer-based collages that are in the tradition of collage works from the 1920s, e.g. Kurt Schwitters, John Heartfield and Hannah Hoch. I visited L.A. a couple of times and also lived in the city for a while. It is unusual in many ways. I am not sure what to think about L.A. I try to understand what the city "says" but I always get conflicting messages. I feel like a dog that is listening very carefully to his owner but doesn't understand what he/she ultimately wants me to do.