Sarah Janssen "Fleeting Rooms"

"A fleeting room"

"Among the shades #1"

"Among the shades #2"




With this series I tried to make graspable the deepness of darkness by capturing illuminated places outside. When darkness falls in, we become aware of our own blindness. To orient ourselves at night, we put artificial lighting in our environment. Neon lights, street lamps and spotlights dissolve the places they illuminate from the endless darkness which surrounds them. In some pictures of this series, I documented these light spots or created staged photographs with them. Some other pieces were taken at locations where the environment was uninhabited. In these peculiar areas the darkness felt even more present and drastic. Here I installed spotlights to illuminate certain spots of the place. Things like strangely shaped hedges or a left-behind tent are put into focus to let them become the setting for some mysterious occurrences.