Sercan Gundogar "Domestic nature"


My photographic practice aims at re-shaping‚ and re-thinking‚ human interventions on our surroundings. This purpose is to impart the blurry borders between what is disparetely called nature and human. According to theories of anthropocene‚ there is no border between human and nature anymore and human as a single specie that transformed every single ecosystem. If we have a closer look towards landscapes through photographic lens‚ human affect is clearly visible. My photographs document this era as the first era that there is no untouched nature. Even in the deep forests people come face to face with the remnants of previous civilizations. That is why the idea of untouched nature‚ which refers to separation between natural and cultural spaces were abandoned. In this respect the statement of "the big world out there" seems outdated and unrealistic. We live in the era of anthropocene and there is no big world out there‚ there is just a great inside and human acts as its only interior designer.