Teodor Sprock "The symbolic behemoth beneath that stirs awareness"

"Super food vanitas"

"The octave"

"The shore"

"The social network"


What can be said about the space that we occupy, here, today, together? What can only be said for certain is that it is uncertain. The subconscious mind seems to know something more, but still, it remains a vast mystery. The more one dwells on the interpretations of possible futures or possible pasts, the more confusing it gets. However, along the way, many symbols seem to reappear out of the substrates of reality, leaving the generation of meaning solely to the viewer. Here, indeed in the fashion of Müller-Pohle's archetypal "Discoverer" who, after the model of the hunter and gatherer, acts in motion, extracting specific stimuli perceptually while examining the scenery, a trinity of symbols is captured; one of them being the octave as a symbol of a sound, vibration, penetrating matter. Another one is a shore along a mild tectonic plateau close to where I was born, which I remember to be habitated by a wide array of loud flying creatures, and where the black fertile soil of my homeland can clearly be seen in "cross section". And yet another one is a burnt log over a fireplace, most significantly a symbol of rendezvous in human communities, here inscribed with "FB" by an unknown traveler.