Vanja Mervič "Obscure mechanism of consciousness"


Fascination for this project spurs out of the amazing technology we have today. The Scanning Electron Microscope enables us to go into the micro scale and nano scale of objects, might be organic or inorganic. Obscure mechanism of consciousness is a series of digital prints derived from photographs taken by the SEM microscope. They were realized with the help of University of Nova Gorica, as a part of the SUNGREEN project. Digital prints are assembled from static frames taken from the time sequence of the same sample burned by an electron beam. This way the prints gain rhythmic continuity as a consequence. Art, or inspires technology or is inspired by it. The view into the unknown is revealing of the symbiosis of the processes on all levels. What we see are processes beforehand not seen by people. We could have only felt and imagined them. The object of the view is a chewing gum. A chewing gum is an ordinary object, not much thought about.