Jean-François Lanthier “The ices series”

The ices series: I seeking to create an aesthetic closer to painting, a kind of homecoming for me. Inspired by the writings of Nelson Goodman on the cognitivism, in my work I try to create unprecedented emotions and thus expand the emotional palette of people and eventually enrich the inside. I like to flirt with the boundaries of painting and photography. The links between my different series? The search of beauty. And I think the beauty has not enough presence in contemporary art and I really want to show it. Concretely, to do that, first, I layer and combine hundreds of photographs of ice and frost and use a software program that brings all of this into one to create a very large format, high quality image. After that, I use an additional software to modify the color and the texture of my images. I use digital manipulation to transform objects or textures of the real, in more abstract images. Jean-François Lanthier