Anna Tea “Meditation”


Meditation: The name of the project is “Meditation“. I attended the Artistic meditation retreat in the North of Thailand in 2016. Two weeks of intensive meditation opened another side of the nature: the nature of the world and the nature of people. I saw many colors and images, ideas were flowing into my mind during the sessions. The retreat brought more than 25 creative souls together to unleash their potential in the stunning nature of Thailand. Magical landscapes, butterflies, and trees started to appear in my blurry dreams. These inner experiences with meditation and outer experiences with artists found their way into my photos. The real world became a meditation and I started seeing the true nature of people. This is how the portraits came to life. This project combines my experience with deep meditations, my first trip to Asia and collaborating with artists from all over the world. It shows the surrounding nature, the nature of people and the nature within myself.
Anna Martynenko, Tea