Clotilde Petrosino “Anonimo” 1er Premio ExperimentoBio 2017

"Untitled II", Clotilde Petrosino

"Upside down", Clotilde Petrosino

"The tree", Clotilde Petrosino

"Under the tree", Clotilde Petrosino

"Peace", Clotilde Petrosino

Anonimo: “Anonimo” is the italian word for “Anonymous”. Nobody can chose his roots and origins, our identity is made through many experiences and influences. And environment is very important in making our own identity. We’re all born in nature. We are all considered part of a world in which nature is everywhere, all around us. Nature is always something we will miss.Through the collage between natural elements and body forms I want to focus the attention on the beauty of both elements, natural and human ones. In the images there are no traces of elements that could be connected to the identity.Because sometimes, identity it’s just a wall. My intent is to make people feel the beauty that there is all around us. We are pure beauty but we are to busy to feel it.
Clotilde Petrosino