Gian Cruz “Corps tendu”

"Corps tendu 3.1", Gian Cruz


"Corps tendu 5.7", Gian Cruz

"Corps tendu 9.1, Gian Cruz

"Corps tendu 11.1", Gian Cruz

"Corps tendu 15.1", Gian Cruz

"Corps tendu 20.1", Gian Cruz

Corps tendu: "As the bodies are made to perform under these vestments of the global, there is this reality that resounds Bataille by way of Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux. Selon lui, the performance artist is seen as une inquiétante sculpture vivante, a disturbing living sculpture that echoes Georges Bataille’s “chaos devenus chair,” (lit. chaos materialising into the flesh). Although the flesh when situated in the premises of the contemporary would find itself unlikely to manifest in the way Bataille originally intended them to be— linking us with our primordial backgrounds. And as societies the world over has progressed towards further development thus resulting to this state of the global. Bodies find themselves confined in more complex forms of structures and adornments. It becomes more and more complex too."
Gian Cruz