Martin Lau “Union”

"Union 1", Martin Lau



"Union 2", Martin Lau

"Union 3", Martin Lau

"Union 4", Martin Lau

"Union 5", Martin Lau

"Union 6", Martin Lau

Union: "I'm truly sorry man's dominion, Has broken nature's social union." Robert Burns, 1785.
The ongoing "Union" series crystallises my lifelong fascination with the functional environments associated with the corporate/industrial/municipal, and the subjective and actual spaces between one world and the next. In this case, through digital collage/compositing I consider the extent to which "civilized"/"artificial" human activity either opposes or can be thought of as a product of nature, and the relationship between the man-made, the ordered, the organic, and the chaotic.
Martin Lau