Roberto Voorbij “Artist portraits”

"Portrait 3 Christo", Roberto Voorbij

"Portrait 29 Van Gogh", Roberto Voorbij

"Portrait 34 Klimt", Roberto Voorbij

"Portrait 33 Schwitters", Roberto Voorbij

"Portrait 32 Coubert", Roberto Voorbij

"Portrait 30 Moholy-Nagy", Roberto Voorbij

Artist portraits: The digital collages from the series ‘Artist Portraits’ all follow the same concept; an artist portrait in which the face is replaced by a work of this artist. Originally commissioned by ARTISTS NOT ARMIES the series consists of about twenty works now and is still expanding. In a sense, has each portrait its own interpretation, its own concept. More generally you could say that the works deal with representation and identity, the artist as a work of art, art as representation of the maker, the group identity. However, for every individual photo collage I set myself the goal to get beyond the sum of artist plus artwork.
Roberto Voorbij