Susan Jones “Osteologia”

"Four skulls, three continets, two sexes profile", Susan Jones

"Disembled skulls triptych", Susan Jones

"Pelvis triptych", Susan Jones

"Cranial nerves triptych", Susan Jones

"Four skulls, three continents, two sexes facing you", Susan Jones

Osteologia: Death vanished from visual art when it vanished from the homes of the family. It is time to bring it back. I have seen very few dead things. I have increasingly realised that, for me, not having experience of seeing dead things made my own mortality difficult to confront. What would it mean to die? How would I look and feel? I started to realise that if I looked at more dead things, if I handled them, and got to know what that felt like, mortality might be one tiny bit less scary. I wanted to show skeletons aren’t always to be hidden or kept behind glass in museums. I find it interesting how differently people think of a skeleton when it might be a treasure, or a prized personal possession, or an object that is handled and touched.
Susan Jones