David Mrugala “Sound of planets, stars and space”

"Collage – Earth Sputnick, sun interstellar mission", David Mrugala

"Interstellar mission", David Mrugala

"Sound of Sun”, David Mrugala

"Voice of Earth", David Mrugala

"Aurora Borealis”, David Mrugala

"Aurora Borealis, detail", David Mrugala

Sound of planets, stars and space: This series of audiovisual reflects on the aesthetics of celestial sounds and attempts to engage the viewer/listener with a unique aural and visual experience of celestial audio patterns. Sound does not travel through the vacuum of space though. Sound in space exists in form of electromagnetic vibrations or complex interactions of charged electromagnetic particles from the Solar Wind, ionospheres and planetary magnetosphere.These interactions are recorded by specific instruments on board of space probes and made available in an audible format. The audiovisuals arrange these available audio data into circular shapes where the beginning and end disappear. Thus the linearity of time cease to exist and the events are isolated into single and complete shapes. The audio files for these audiovisuals are inspired and based on actual data collected by Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), the the Van Allen and Cluster Probes. This long-term series consists of more than 26 visuals and 20 videos. More audiovisuals will be added with time and with new interesting findings in space and beyond. All audiovisuals are made with code (Processing) and each audiovisual is accompanied by a video. David Mrugala