Eleonora Manca “Vedersi visti”


"Vedersi visti 1", Eleonora Manca


"Vedersi visti 2", Eleonora Manca

"Vedersi visti 3", Eleonora Manca

"Vedersi visti 4", Eleonora Manca

"Vedersi visti 5", Eleonora Manca

"Vedersi visti 6", Eleonora Manca


Vedersi visti: Vedersi visti [Seeing oneself seen] is a reflection about the multifarious possibilities of perception. About the subtle difference between “seeing” and “watching”; about the process of seeing what surrounds us and every mutation of ours in a different way. An invitation to see ourselves in the act of seeing. Mutating means to make a detour from oneself. To see through new eyes everything we thought we had already seen. To see through one's own eyes. Against the stubborn idea that we are incapable to explore the shadows hiding the keys to unlock new ways of watching, because we do not experience the existence of nothing outside ourselves unless through the involute relationship between signified and signifier that our brain, body, and memory assign it. Every image is a perceptual window. Eleonora Manca