Flaminia Celata “Method of Loci”

"Method of Loci 1", Flaminia Celata

"Method of Loci 2", Flaminia Celata

"Method of Loci 3", Flaminia Celata

"Method of Loci 4", Flaminia Celata

"Method of Loci 5", Flaminia Celata

Method of Loci:
Human Memory Method of Loci The photos represent a personal vision of the ancient mnemonic system called the Method of loci, also known as the memory journey, an useful art technique to improve the artificial memory.To use this method the subject brings to mind a familiar building such his/her house.Then the subject conducts a mental walk through the rooms of the chosen place and creates a series of loci, in order, where to place visual images for each of the ideas, concepts or words he wants to remember. Following one of the main rules of the method of loci, it's important to create unusual images, the self portraits were taken in my family house and extracted my figure inserting it in an unlikely place, the X-ray pics of my mother’s body. More striking is the created image more easily the subject remembers the thing.
Flaminia Celata (Italy)