Olga Perets. "Beats"


These four images are extracted from an autobiographical series, produced in Zaporojie (Ukraine), alternately in my grandmother’s house and in the streets of the city. It's composed of the photographs of the familiar objects and the night scenes – accumulated, image by image, over the years, during my rare but regular visits home. These objects, with vague silhouettes, floating in hazy surroundings, these wisps of smoke, flamboyantly blooming in the night like giant tulips, are all that remains of my childhood – uncertain reminiscences, memories that have become shining icons of the past.
Sometimes, however, out of these insignificant objects bursts a spark that suddenly illuminates a happy episode and then a fragment of my past unfolds before me in all its glorious details, as if it were a richly embroidered Persian carpet.
(The attached images are named in the order I would like them to be shown).