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#TBT The Citizen Auto Dater Uni, An exceptional Silver Wave ChallengerSeveral weeks' back, we featured our first vintage Citizen inside the #TBT series as well as the article sent us a specific message: you wish to see more in relation to Japan's other brand (yes, we all know there are far more brands in addition to Seiko and Citizen - we've got more up for grabs on that topic too). Traffic was high for our writeup on the 51-2273 as far as it actually rivaled the amount of visits we quite often see from your Seiko posting. Even though, I wasn't thinking of a repeat engagement so soon, having said that i thought today's piece was too exciting not to include. And, the belief that I only became aware of this watch and purchased it in and around any time of writing the final article can make it that much more exciting - to me anyhow. Today, let's go hands-on together with the Citizen Auto Dater Uni.Yes it's true; today's Citizen Auto Dater Uni would have been a complete unknown to me until last month. It absolutely was some of those situations where I became a little bit of late night browsing on auction websites, I stumbled upon a sub-genre of Citizens, the motor car Daters, after which flipped to Google to accomplish research. Normally, before doing plenty of reading, I toggle to Google Images as pictures often cause some decent articles or forum postings. It turned out here that, somewhere way on the next paragraphs, that different things caught attention. The Auto Daters, Citizen's 1960's replica watches that featured automatics and dates, will often be staid dress replica watches that, every now and then, quartz bracelet watches show a certain amount of life. The sizes might be large, the stainless cases clean, and so they look really sharp when dials are black or have been in other colors by incorporating rare lume. But, as we've seen with Seiko too, Citizen often applied one particular name, like Auto Dater, to replica watches which are thematically totally different from the regular dress style. The Uni is a great one in this.One or two a long time ago, we reviewed the Seiko Silver Wave 30M and discussed the belief that that it was really Seiko's first entry into diving replica watches. The fact is, its 50M predecessor was the 1st, but both models were extensions of any a great deal more mainstream sub-line, the Sportsmatic. Seemingly developed being a hasty reply to the globe's increased adoration for diving, Seiko simply added a crown operated internal rotating bezel to a Sportsmatic and, with regards to the 50M, beefed inside the crystal together with adding a screw back. (For an aside, we'll review a 50M Silver Wave eventually soon - or whenever Paul, our resident watchmaker, decides to go back from a 3-month skiing visit to Davos and complete them; the quantity of bespoke Roger Moore-era Bogner kit this person owns is actually astounding.)For the 30M version, Seiko didn't even offer a screw back. In the end, there are already other Sportsmatics rated to 30M water resistance with snap backs.While using Citizen Auto Dater Uni, we've essentially found the competitor towards the Silver Wave that generally seems to predate the brand's first real entry into diving watch territory.In the beginning, the Citizen Auto Dater Uni is often a dead ringer for any 60's era compressor style dive watch having its dual crown set up and contrasting inner bezel insert. A look, though, quickly allows you to definitely dismiss this notion when spying the boldly noted 40M of water resistance. Functionally, though, the two crowns are similar in function towards the EPSA pieces because top is perfect for inner bezel adjustment as well as the lower is designed for winding and time setting. A deeper turn to the crown area shows a thoughtful touch because polished outer bezel contains cutouts to suit these crowns. Within my eyes, it's actually a sign that some real thought, and investment, went into the Uni.The dial and bezel configuration within the Citizen Auto Dater Uni combined efforts to convert it into a truly attractive piece. Again, it's amazingly such as the Silver Waves, especially when comparing the applied hour markers. They're nearly identical! Naturally, the Citizen incorporates a date window at 3:00, even so the by using cursive writing as well as a contrasting black bezel only boosts the similarities.For the Citizen, the bezel contains some interesting details with lumed dots at 3/6/9, lumed arrows between and also a lumed "T" at 12: just date rolex watches 00. It all makes for some nice touches that, with respect to the angle, are partially obscured from the thick and beveled acrylic crystal. Returning to the dial, it's clear that there are some paint loss throughout. Inside my research, the few examples I stumbled upon all showed some of this, even so the overall composition remains.The complete stainless-steel case comes in at somewhat over 37mm and sports 18mm lugs by incorporating convenient drilled lugholes. It's a fairly conventional design that's long on dial and short on external bezel. This definitely helps to make the watch look in excess of its size suggests, but 37mm is all about perfect within my eyes anyhow. A snap back sits on the underside and even though it lacks the tsunami motif of all Seiko's, it's fairly ornate by Citizen standards. The many model data is there and, again, the cursive writing returns. This piece came with a really nice beads of rice that seems being the exact same period of the watch. It's of remarkably excellent but it suits the watch. The catalog pictures I stumbled upon, though, show another type of bracelet.My research for the Citizen Auto Dater Uni established that this reference, the ADUS31201-T, debuted around 1964 and was changed to 1965. Seemingly, not a soul knows why the model was named "Uni" but there are more, simpler, Citizens with all the nomenclature. Maybe, using aquatic intentions replica rolex , the replica watches were named after my personal favorite sushi? Whatever the case, I came across 3-4 other instances of this watch online when looking inside the model no . and/or the entire name. It's actually a rare oddity in Citizen's history that few recognized when i posted it on Instagram. Finding one of these simple will likely need consider buying from Japan and I'd guess that costs are somewhere from the $400 - 700 range. Which make it relatively affordable for any rare bird along with the price seems down, or simply a bit below, the values of Silver Waves - especially the 50M versions.The Citizen Auto Dater Uni is a second illustration showing a classic watch surprising me with its existence while i thought I had seen everything. I adore the classic looks and the fantastic wearability. In my opinion, it was like discovering a different Seiko Silver Wave so i deeply love those replica watches. When you have almost anything to add on this 50+ yr old Citizen model, I'd like to read it! best rolex replica watches
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