cultural recipes

The cultural program recipes. How-to, is an example of research, innovation and contemporary art. Through cultural activities, meetings, lectures, debates and workshops we approach the reality of interdisciplinary artistic production. Our goal is to experiment in art, learning and sharing knowledge through copy left recipes proposed by specialists. A wink to the world of gastronomy from culture and art.

cultural recipes collaborates with cultural operators from Europe, South America, Spain and the Basque Country to create a project, as a tutorial to survive in the world of culture and creation.

Creativity and Uniqueness
This project counts not only with interdisciplinary proposals but also propose processes and work in the margins of disciplines so that by their expressions, the not warned spectator and participant will not know the nature of the fields that are assigned, often unexplored. These creative works are out of conventional patterns of disciplines so that they display unique attitudes antithetical to the canons, for example, dance where immobility highlights, or gastronomic workshops where the decisions are left to robotic technology.

Innovative capacity
The cultural recipes program is an example of research, innovation and contemporary art. The philosophy of the program is characterized by the search for works that feature innovative concerns both its original approach and content and the process and the ways in which it intends to translate these ideas into a final product.

The proposals combine visual arts, film, dance, performance and music with gastronomy, robotic applications software, artificial intelligence, thinking about cultural management and social science.
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